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· Persia: Aladdin: 1   2
· West Africa: Anansi:  F Grandma    Tug o' War 5'   Dinner 6'   Beans böner 7'
· Arabic etc.:  One Thousand and One Nights
F Native American:  Baby Whose Victory Call
F Japan:   Be Polite
F Russia:  Bear & Factory
F India:  Blind Men & Elephant   De blinda männen och elefanten: 1 2 File:Blind men and elephant3.jpg
F France:  Beauty & the Beast  Skönheten och odjuret1
F Greece (Aesop): File:Speaker Icon.svg Boy Who Cried Wolf Pojken och vargen  4' Questions
F Europe (Grimm): Bremen Town Musicians 13'
F Yiddish:  Change Places
· Chicken Little/ Henny Penny (Sky)
F Europe (Perrault): Cinderella Askungen1   2
· Greece (Aesop):  Crow & the Pitcher   File:The Crow and the Pitcher - Project Gutenberg etext 19994.jpg
· Greece (Aesop):  Dog & Its Reflection
F Denmark:  Emperor's New Clothes File:Grooveposter.jpg Kejsarens nya kläder  12' skip 4;18-resume 8:53
F Everything is for the Best  Questions
· Greece (Aesop):  Fox & the Grapes
· Get Out of the Way!
F  England:  Goldilocks & 3 Bears: 1  2  Guldlock och de tre björnarna  .
· Greece (Aesop):  Goose that Lay the Golden Egg
F England (Oscar Wilde):  Importance of Being Earnest
F USA:  John Henry a legend 22'
F Hopi:  Jumping Mouse  sv
F England:  King Canute on the Seashore File:Cnut the Great Obverse.jpg
F Greece:  King Midas & the Golden Touch Kung Midas (och guldet) 1 2 long ver
F Europe:  Little Red Riding Hood: 1 2
·Africa:  Magic Crocodile
·Yiddish?:  Merchant
F Turkey/ Iran/ Afghanistan: Mulla Nasruddin File:Harikalar Diyari Nasrettin Hoca 05981 nevit.jpg 
F Greece (Aesop):  Miller, His Son, and the Donkey
· Frankrike/Persia  Rapunzel
· USA:  Rip Van Winkel File:Irvington statue of Rip van Winkle.jpg
F Europe (Grimm): Snow White: 1   2
F Europe:  Stone Soup 
F Japan:  Student Who Stole a Smell Questions
F Yiddish:  Tailor Who Wore a Coat Skräddaren som bar en rock
F Norway:  Three Billy Goats Gruff File:WhiteHouseTheThreeBillyGoatsGruff2003.jpg
F England:  Three Little Pigs Tre små grisar
· Greece (Aesop):  Tortoise & the Hare
· The Wind and the Sun
· England:  Winnie The Pooh
F England (A.A. Milne):  Wise Men of Gotham De vise männen från Gotham
F USA:  Wizard of Oz Trollkarlen från Oz
F Yiddish:  Kvetch

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°EZ read stories          F = Stories Frank knows by heart (kan utantill)


Show daily life. Introduce the main character and his/her objective (his/her wants, fears etc.)

Once upon a time...

Every day...

Something happens

A problem/ opportunity changes the routine.

But one day...

This led to...

The stakes
are raised

Success becomes more important or harder.

Not only that/ To make things worse...

This led to...


The protagonist succeeds or fails.



A new routine is established. Since that day...