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The Golden Touch

There was a king.  He was very rich.

​The king loved two things. He loved his little daughter. And he loved his gold.

The king had many rooms full of gold, but he was not happy.  He wanted more gold.  A lot more gold.

One day the king was in his garden. A stranger främling  came to see him.  The visitor told the king to make a wish önskemål. The king said, “I wish to have more gold.”

“I will help you get your wish,” the stranger said. “Tomorrow morning, everything you touch rör vid  will change to gold.”

The next morning the king got up early.  He touched a chair, a flower, and a table. Everything changed to gold!  The king was very happy. 

The king sat down to eat his breakfast, but his food turned to gold when he touched it. He thought, “If I can’t eat, I will die.”

Then his little daughter came into the room. She ran to her father.  But when he touched her, she changed to gold, too.

The king was very sad. He walked alone in his garden. Then he saw the stranger again. “Oh,” cried the king, “please take back my wish. I don’t want any more gold.”

“All right,” said the stranger, “if you are really sure this time, I will take back your wish.”

After that the king was not as rich. He wasn't as rich, but he was wiser visare. And happier.