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Learning Games & Activities

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Change the order of the letters in a word to make a new word.

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Mr F's Board Games

  • Future Stories
  • Life Stories
  • My Homes & Places
  • The Mind
  • Never Ending Stories

Learning Games

  • Categories 2 ver
    • Popular: Match your classmates's answers to a question.
    • Unique: Here's a category (ex: a tool). Think of one no one else did.
  • Phrase: Your back to the whiteboard. Classmates give clues as to which phrase is written there. Examples: Don’t be late! • Don’t look! • Do you speak English? • Duck! • Heads up! • No way! • Please! • Thank you! • That's great! • Turn off the lights! • Watch out! • Well, I dont' know. • Why not?
  • Word: Classmates give you clues to guess a word held above your head. Examples:
    level 1: clock, dog, house, moon, school, study, TV
    level 2: bridge, cake, computer, radio, roof, tell, train
    level 3: baker, fireman, gardener, jewelry, policeman, robber, salesman, teacher, thief, undertaker
    level 4: catch, hit, musik, noise,
    level 5, verbs: clap, cry, die, dive, fall, grab, help, jump, kill, live, talk, sing, swim
    level 6, verbs: bee-line, die, frustrate, mime, out-wit, shake, sing, slide, swim, vibrate, yank
  • Small group: Give kids cards. Classmates provide definitions.
  • Tic-Tac-Toe with words in the square

On-line Games

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     Quizzes School Games


¦       Robo˜Bee        
  • 2 Truths & a Lie  Tell 2 true things about yourself & 1 false. We guess which is false.
  • 20 Questions  Guess the word I'm thinking of by asking yes/no questions.
  • Count down   Count down from 21, with words spelt correctly.
  • Duck, Duck, Goose   with variety of animals etc.
  • Famous People & why famous.
  • Find someone...  Who has a little brother/ was born in Dec, etc., Who has a little brother, was born in Dec etc., red clothes, black hair etc., for each country visited....
  • Hook Arms
  • Musical chairs
  • Pin tail on donkey
  • Red Rover  If you're wearing something red, come over.
  • Round-Robin storytelling  (story together, verbally or in writing)
  • Say 2 truths about yourself & 1 untruth. The others guess which is which.
  • Simon Says
  • Slogan  1. Each group presents a slogan & accompanying movement.
    2. All groups simultaneously show any of the slogans.
    3. Goal: all groups show the same slogan at the same time.
  • Square Dance International Square Dance Symbol
  • Telephone
  • What would you bring if you sailed the Atlantic?

Make a Poster

  • English-speaking countries
  • Describe an imaginary photo:  This is a photo of my flat showing the living room which is...
    In the You'll see my brother in the background. He is smart, effecient, ind, gentle, mischievous, elegant, thoughtul/less, (un)tidy, neat, sad, easygoing, eccentirc, good-humoured,...


  • barnpussel, kasta boll, kasta pil, norsk julafton, bygga kubbspelpjäser högt, 

Theatre Games

  • Changing Emotions  Audience calls out emotions periodically. Actors change their emotions accordingly.
  • Changing Genres  Like Changing Emotions, but genres instead of emotions.
  • Charades 
  • Complain I have to return these jeans because they are too small and itch and the pockets are too large and....
  • Countdown  2 people act out a 1.5 minute long skit. 2 others act it out in 1 min. Still others in 0.5 min.
  • Creative insults  You smell like a sick unicorn & you sound like a crying baby & you look like road kill &...
  • Creatures  Using as many adjectives as possible, describe a creature: My dino is huge & green & a carnivore &...
  • Excuses  Sorry I'm late but I broke up with my partner & my grandmother died & the bus got a flat tyre &...
  • Fire someone kindly  We really like having you here Ann because x, y, & z  — but...
  • Gifts  I hereby give you Leonardo DaVinci's imagination, Steve Job's sense of style,... 
  • How am I driving?  Driver, given an adverb, is to drive in that manner. Others guess which manner.
  • Interpreter  A speaks gibberish (or acts out a scene). B translates.
  • Mis-naming  This a a pen. A what? A pen.
  • Pass around  Pass scissors around. OK only if the passer has for ex. legs crossed.
  • Praise then diss new jeans, new cheese, new teacher, new friend
  • Sport commentators  Tell TV-audience what competing sportspeople do & they adjust accordingly.

Word Games

  • Alliteration game (next word starts with next letter of the alphabet).
    Advanced: Start word with same letter as previous word ended.
  • Bananagrams
  • Circle gameWhile pretending to comb my hair, say "I am singing" 
  • Free Rice (For each answer you get right, we donate 10 grains of rice through the World Food Programme to help end hunger)
  • The Dangers of Everything  (Never go to Turkey during Thanksgiving)
  • The Salesman  (You have to buy this because...)
  • The Verb Game:  1. Divide into groups. 2. Someone chooses a place (home, library, park, school, etc.). 3. Set the timer: two minutes. 4. Everyone in the group writes down all the action verbs they can think of (for that place). 5. When time's up, compare your verbs with those of your group. 6. Cross off any that anyone else in the group has. 7. The person with the most unique verbs wins!  Source

Work with a Book

  • Write definitions: Välj ut 5-10 ord och skriv en förklarning på engelska till varje ord. Men säg inte vilket ordet är. Ex: "It is something you drink. It is brown. You drink it hot. They drink it a lot in England." (Ordet är te.) Arbeta med en kompis och fråga varandra.
  • Word cards: (hämta tomma kort hos din lärare). Skriv ordkort, det engelska ordet på en sida och det svenska på den andra. Du och en kompis kan arbeta med korten, genom att:
    1. dra ett kort och sätt in ordet i en mening,
    2. titta på det svenska ordet och översätt till engelska, eller tvärtom,
    3. dra tre kort och skriv/berätta en kort berättelse med orden du dragit...
  • Hangman: Välj ett ord och låt en kompis gissa vilket ordet är.
  • Spell the words: Arbeta med en kompis. Skriv ner 10 nya ord var. Be din kompis att stava orden. Byt sedan med varandra.
  • Word grid: Arbetat med en kompis. Fyll i några ord i rutorna som din kompis ska hitta. Du kan skriva orden diagonalt, uppåt, nedåt, bakåt, framåt bara du kan dra en rak linje mellan bokstäverna. Fyll i de tomma rutorna med bokstäver. Byt med en kompis. När du hittat ett ord, skriv ner det och sätt in det i en mening.

Du ska:

  • lära dig minst 5 st. nya ord ur varje kapitel.  Du ska dessutom göra i ordning en gloslista (din ord) som du lämnar till din lärare senast tis...
  • göra en kortfattad skriftlig sammanfattning av boken på engelska (cirka 1 handskriven sida)
  • kunna prata om innehållet på engelska i smågrupper tillsammans med din lärare.
  • För att hinna med boken bör du läsa ca. 12-15 sidor i veckan.

-Good Luck