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The Wind and the Sun

The windvinden  loved to argue bråka. One day the wind said to the sun, “I am stronger than you.” But the sun disagreed. “No, you are not”, he answered. “I am much more powerful than you”.

As they were talking, they saw a man walking along the road. He was wearing a heavy coat rock. The sun turned toward the wind. The sun suggested that they see who could make the man take off his coat. “That way,” the sun said, “we will know which of us is stronger.”

The wind tried first. It blew harder and harder. Finally, it blew so hard that the man shivered huttrade and pulled the coat tightly around him.

The wind was angry. It waited to see what the sun could do.

Then the sun shone down on the man. Soon the man felt so hot that he took off his coat.

That was the end of the argument.