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A story from Japan  (Another version)

There was a poor fattig  student.

One day the student was talking with a friend. The friend complained klagade

The friend said: "It’s hard being a student. I’m so very poor fattig." 

"Oh," said the student. "I know what you mean.
I have to buy school books. And I have to pay rent betalar hyra."

"After I buy my books and pay rent, I have no money."

"All that I can afford har råd med  to eat is ris. Plain rice."

His friend said, "That doesn't taste smakar  very good, does it?"

The student said, "No, it doesn't."

The student continued försätt, "Do you know what I do?
I live in a room that I rent hyrar."

"The room is one flight up en våning upp. It is above övanför  a restaurant."

"I sit on the windowsill fönsterbräda. I sit there, with the window open.
While I am sitting there, I eat my rice."

"I sit there eating and smelling the wonderful smells coming up from the restaurant. Then my rice tastes much better." 

"It is really the smell, you know, that makes things taste so good."

The restaurant owner ägare  was nearby i närheten
He heard what the student said. And he was furious rasande.

The student was enjoying njutade av  the smell of his restaurant.
Enjoying the smell. He should pay for it.

"Thief!" he shouted. "I demand kräver  that you pay me for the smells.
You have to pay me for the smells that you have stolen tjuvade."

"A smell is a smell," the young man replied. "I can smell anything that I want to.
I will pay you nothing!"

Red with rage rasande röd, the shopkeeper rushed to court domstolen. He charged anklagade  the student with theft tjuvari.


Where is the story from?

Where was the room?

Did the student think that life as a student was easy?

What did the student eat?

Where do the smells come from?

Why does the rice taste better?

Why was the shopkeeper angry?

What was his demand?

The restaurant owner is a miser snåljåp. He shows that by
a.  cooking only fish
b.  refusing to pay
c.  wanting the student to pay
d.  getting angry at the judge

Why did people laugh?

Why was it surprising that the judge decided to hear the restaurant owner’s complaint?
a.  The student was too poor to pay
b.  The idea of stolen smells is silly
c.  The restaurant owner is mean
d.  The judge always avoided small cases

The judge asked the student to do something with the coins. What?

What did the restaurant owner love?

What did the judge decide?

Was the verdict fair? Why or why not?

What is the mood at the end of this story?
a) serious     b) sad     c) peaceful     d) lighthearted


Where is the story from?

Was the student poor or rich?

Who rented the room?

Who talked?

What does the friend eat?

Vad betyder, "I know what you mean?"

How much money does he have?

Where is the room?

What does he do to make the rice taste better?

How did the restaurant owner feel?

Did the student agree to pay?

Where did the shopkeeper go?