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Political Parties in Sweden

Politicians work together in groups which are called political parties.  The largest parties in Sweden are the Moderate Party (Moderaterna) and the Social Democrats.

4 parties work together in The Alliance:  The Moderates, The People's Party (Folkpartiet),  The Centre Party, and the Christian Democrats.

     • The Moderates reduce taxes.

     • The People's Party has ideas.

     • The Centre Party is concerned with the whole country.

     • The Christain Democrats uphold traditions.

3 "redgreen" parties work together: The Social Democrats, the Green Party (Miljöpartiet), and the Party of the Left (Vänsterpartiet).

     • The Social Democrats help ordinary workers.

     • The Left wants the state to provide all kinds of help.

     • The Green Party improves the environment.

The newest party is the Sweden Democrats which are nationalists and which have been called racists.

Since more people voted for The Alliance, the leader of the largest Alliance-party, Fredrik Reinfeldt, is Prime Minister (statsminister).

The next national elections will be held in September 2014.  All citizens who are at least 18 years old can vote.


More info: We will study more about the political parties nearer the election.