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********* The Handmade Painting *********



             (15 characters, in order of appearance):

  • dancers the girls

  • narrator Mohammed (class 6)

  • photographer Mohammed M (class 7)

  • M1 a statue staty Usef

  • M2 a statue Abdiaziz

  • M3 a statue Jamal

  • Gari Potter keramiker Filsam
    (a potter is an artist who works with clay lera)

  • Harry Potter keramiker Shukri

  • Dari Potter keramiker Hani

  • painter bildkonstnär Faduma

  • big brother Morina

  • little brother Marian

  • big sister Sabrin

  • little sister Siham

  • friend Mohamed (class 7)


  • An art gallery konstgalleri


  • a painting målarduk is center stage, it's back to the audience publiken.

  • a paintbrush


  • In front: the narrator berättare and the photographer.

  • In the middle: the girls, standing in a circle.

  • On the sides: M1, M2, & M3, with their backs to the audience publiken.

Narrator: This week we have drama in English.

Photographer: In this story, we are in an art gallery. A painter is painting. Three potters are working.

Narrator: Sit back and enjoy!

[The narrator & photographer go out.]

[The girls dance in a circle.]

[The girls go out. But the painter stays.]


[M1, M2, & M3 turn to face the audience publiken. They are moving their arms and legs.]


M1: I hate this.

M2: Me too.

M3: All I do is stand.

M1: Boring!

M2: Boring! Boring! Boring!

M1: We hate this.

[Gari, Harry, & Dari enter.]


[The Painter enters. The others turn and look.]

Painter: I'm in a good mood today.

Gari: She thinks she's better than us.

Harry: Who says that painters are better than potters?

Dari: Yeah! We make things too.


Gari [to M1]: Hold up your arm!
[M1 holds up his arm.]

Gari: Good.
[Gari starts to model the clay.]


Painter: I'm working on a masterpiece. I just know it.
[Looking out the window]: The landscape! The scenery!
[Looking at the painting]: Nature and light shown in paint.


M1 [to Gari]: Can I put down my arm now?

Gari: No!



[The brothers enter.]

Big brother: I don't understand art Jag förstår mig inte på konst.

Little brother: Give it a chance! Look at the ceramics!

Big brother: You mean the clay lera things?

Little brother: Yes. And look! There's a painter. She's painting.

Big brother: I can see that she's painting. Let's go.

Little brother: No. Let's see what she's doing.

Big brother: Do I have to?

Little brother: It's interesting.

Big brother: No. We're disturbing besvärar her.

Little brother [to the painter]: Are we disturbing you?

Painter: Oh no! Not at all.

Little brother: Did you hear that?

Big brother: You're right again.

Little brother: It must be wonderful to be able to paint scenery like that. The sky, the clouds, the flowers, and the trees.

[Big brother looks at the painting, then at the scenery, and then at the painting again.]

Big brother: I don't understand it at all.

Little brother: Big brother, you have no feeling for art!

Big brother [looks at the painting, then shrugs ryckar på axlarna]: Let's go!

[The brothers go.]


M1 [to Gari]: Can I put down my arm now?

Gari: No!


[The sisters enter.]

[Big sister is very clumsy. She nearly knocks things over.]

Big sister [looking at the painting]: Do you understand it?

Little sister: Understand, smunderstand! I don't try to understand. I just looooove it!

Painter: Just look at it. Try to like it.

Little sister: Just look.

Painter: Quite right, my dear! You are an art expert.

Little sister [to Big sister]: Listen to her.

Big sister: I still don't understand.

Painter: What is hard to understand? There are trees, flowers and a little blue lake.

Big sister: I don't know what to say.

Little sister: If you don't know what to say, don't say it!

[They go out, arm in arm.]


M1 [to Gari]: Can I put down my arm now?

Gari: No!


[Friend enters.]

[Painter looks out the window and then paints.]

[Friend watches her do this, then laughs.]


Gari: What are you laughing at?

Friend: I think it's funny.

Painter: I'm very glad you say so. You have a sense of humour.

Friend: Do you see the scenery? [Points out the window.]

Painter: Of course I do.

Friend: Then, why are you painting like that?

[Friend goes out.]

M1 [to Gari]: Can I put down my arm now?

[Gari gestures: no]


M1 [looks at Gari]

Gari [nods]

M1 [lowers his hand]

Painter [showing the audience the painting]: This is scenery, isn't it? Beautiful scenery.
[The questions hangs in the air.]


[Everyone takes a poster.]

You and I. We can trust each other.
Vi kan lita på varandra.

You and I. We can understand each other.
Vi kan förstå varann.

You and I. We can listen to grown-ups.
Vi kan lyssna på vuxna.

You and I. We can be the best ever friend.
Vi kan blir bästa vän man kan ha.

You and I. We can repect teachers.
Vi kan respektera lärare.

You and I. We can reach our goals together.
Vi kan nå alt tillsammans.

You and I. We can solve conflicts and clear the air.
Vi kan lösa konflikter och rensa luften.

You and I. We can understand school rules.
Vi kan förstå skolans regler.

You and I. We can create many things together.
Vi kan skapa mycket tillsammans

You and I. We can help each other.
Vi kan stödja varandra.

You and I. We can be nice to each other.
Vi kan vara snäll mot varandra.

You and I. We can create art together.
Vi kan skapa konst tillsammans.


Photographer [taking photos of everyone]: Yes! That's good! This is scenery!