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Gimme an

Which excuses U like best? Can U think of others? 

Dear Teacher,

My grade in ____ should be raised from _____ to ____ because:


  1. There must be a mistake somewhere.
  2. I was not well at the time of the test.
  3. My mind always goes blank during an test.
  4. This mark ruined my prospect of getting into the study program of my dreams.
  5. This is the only course in which I received a poor grade.
  6. This mark grieved my mother (or father), whose pride I am.
  7. Conditions in the room were not conductive to concentration.
  8. The test was unfair and unfairly distributed over the subject.
  9. I have to work after school and nights. Therefore I should be given a break.
  10. I would have done much better if I had taken the test given to one of the other classes.
  11. Several people around me copied from my paper during the test yet they received higher marks than I did. Surely this is not fair.
  12. The reason I did not do better is because I am very honest. I do not wish to say anything against any other members of the class.
  13. I know many of the class members who do not work as hard as I do an who got a better grade. All my classmates know that I am a good student. Just ask any one of them.
  14. The questions were ambiguous. Therefore, my answers should be graded according to the reasonable interpretations that I made of your questions.
  15. Many of the questions could not be answered with straight facts. They are matters of opinion. I do not believe I should be penalized just because my opinions differ from those of the teacher.
  16. I have studied this subject from the broad philosophical viewpoint. Therefore I was unable to answer your technical-based question.
  17. I am oriented to the realm of ideas. I respond to the sweep and scope of great intellects. My work is beyond the interest in petty details and parrot-like memorizing of those who are merely students.
  18. At the time of the exam, I was incapable of coping with the stress of the hour.
  19. It is not a higher mark I seek. I care nothing about marks. I think marks are wicked and I disapprove of them. However, this pernicious system of which I am a victim requires marks for achieving success. Therefore, I seek a higher mark.

Thank you,