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Essay Topics

Fewer instructions

  1. If it starts burning in your house, what would you save? Why?
  2. Favourite food.
  3. What is everyday-happiness to you?
  4. Dream job?
  5. OK to lie?
  6. Lottery winnings.
  7. What would you like to get better at?
  8. An interesting place you would like to visit some day.
  9. An event you think is worth remembering.
  10. The funniest day in my life (or most exciting, most terrible, most boring).
  11. A person I'll never forget.
  12. My dreams about the future.
  13. An event that changed my life.
  14. My teachers are different from other people.
  15. A lovely holiday.
  16. A day in town.
  17. An interesting film.
  18. A mistake.
  19. My humorous father.
  20. My room.
  21. A visit to my grandparents.
  22. A day I'll never forget.
  23. My best friend.
  24. My big brother/sister.
  25. A Sunday at home.