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Checking In*

A.  Good morning. Can I have your ticket, please?
B.  Here you are.
A.  Would you like a window or an aisle seat?
B.  An aisle seat, please.
A.  Do you have any baggage?
B.  Yes, this suitcase and this carry-on bag.
A.  Here's your boarding pass. Have a nice flight.
B.  Thank you.

Passport Control*

1.  Good morning. Can I see your passport?
2.  Here you are.
1.  Thank you. Are you a tourist or on business?
2.  I'm a tourist.
1.  That's fine. Have a pleasant stay.
2.  Thank you.


1. Hello, my name is Jane and I'd like to ask a few questions about getting fit.
2. Hi Jane. What can I do for you?
1. I need to get in shape.
2. Well, you've come to the right place. Have you been doing any exercise lately?
1. I'm afraid not.
2. OK. We'll start off slow. Which type of exercise do you enjoy doing?
1. I like doing aerobics, but I hate jogging. I don't mind doing some weight-lifting, though.
2. Great, that gives us plenty to work with. How often can you work out?
1. Twice or three times a week would be good.
2. Why don't we start with an aerobics class twice a week followed by a little weight lifting?
1. Sounds fine to me.
2. You'll need to start slowly, and build up gradually to three or four times a week.
1. OK. What kind of equipment will I need?
2. You'll need a leotard and some sneakers.
1. Is that all? How do I sign up for the classes?
2. We'll need you to join the gym and then you can choose which classes fits your schedule best.
1. Great! I can't wait to get started. Thanks for your advice.
2. No problem. I'll see you in aerobics class!


1.  Good evening. Can I help you?
2.  Yes, please. I'd like a room for the night.
1.  Would you like a single room, or a double room?
2.  A single room, please. How much is the room?
1.  It's $95 per night.
2.  Can I pay by credit card?
1.  Certainly. We take Visa, Master Card and American Express. Could you fill in this form, please?
2.  Do you need my passport number? No, just an address and your signature.
1.  (fills out the form) Here you are.
2.  Here's your key. Your room number is 212.
1.  Thank you.
2. Thank you. If you need anything, dial 0 for the reception area. Have a good stay!


1. Hi. How are you doing this afternoon?
2. Fine, thank you. Can I see a menu, please?
1. Certainly, here you are.
2. Thank you. What's today's special?
1. Grilled tuna and cheese on rye.
2. That sounds good. I'll have that.
1. Would you like something to drink?
2. Yes, I'd like a coke.
1. Thank you. (returning with the food) Here you are. Enjoy your meal!
2. Thank you.
1. Can I get you anything else?
2. No thanks. I'd like the check (bill - UK English), please.
1. That'll be $11.75.
2. Here you are. Keep the change!
1. Thank you! Have a good day!
2. Bye.

Shopping for a Sweater*

1. Can I help you?
2. Yes, I'm looking for a sweater.
1. What size are you?
2. I'm an extra large.
1. How about this one?
2. Yes, that's nice. Can I try it on?
1. Certainly, the changing rooms are over there.
2. Thank you.
1. How does it fit?
2. It's too large. Do you have a large?
1. Yes, here you are.
2. Thank you. I'll take it.
1. OK. How would you like to pay?
2. Do you take credit cards?
1. Yes, we do. Visa and Master Card.
2. OK, here's my Visa.
1. Thank you. Have a nice day!
2. Thank you, goodbye.

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