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Name: ______________

An English-Speaking Country
Adapted from source
Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, South Africa, India

  • Make a poster about one of these countries. Use this info: 
    • A map
    • The flag
    • The capital city huvudstad
    • Largest river flod
    • Population (how many people live there)
    • Currency (money)
    • Name & title of the prime minister/other political leader
    • Name of the king or queen (if any)
    • Climate
    • History
    • Common Animals
    • Holidays
    • Schools
    • Popular Sports
    • Well-known people from the country
    • What the country is famous for
    • (if you want, a comparison to Sweden)
  • Sources: Write where you got your info (källorna ska anges):
  • Pretend låtsas  that you are from the country.
    Tell the class about "your" country. Or make a skit teater  about the country.