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Birds  ducks    geese    hens    parrots

On the Farm  cows    goats    horses    pigs    sheep

Wild (Sweden)  bears    elks ( moose)    lynx    seals     wolves    wolverines

Wild (Other)  baboons   bats fladdermus   lemurs   monkeys   rats

Lizard & Fish crocodiles    lizards    snakes    turtles sköldpaddor

Bugs  insects    spiders

Pets  cats    rabbits    guinea pigs marsvin

Animal Babies

a bear & its cub • a cat & its kitten • a chicken & its chick • a cow and its calf • a dog & its puppy • a goat & its kid • a pig & its piglet • a sheep & its lamb. 

Animal pics

Animal Stories

F Anansi & Grandma    Anansi & Tug o' War 5'    Anansi & Dinner 6'    Anansi & Beans  böner 7'    F Bear & Factory    F Blind Men & Elephant: 1 2    F Boy Who Cried Wolf    Bremen Town Musicians 13'    Crow & the Pitcher     Dog & Its Reflection    Donkey & Dog     Fox & Grapes    F Goldilocks & 3 Bears     Goose that Lay the Golden Egg    F Jumping Mouse     Lion & Mouse    Red Riding Hood: 1 2    F Miller, His Son, & the Donkey   F Tortise & Hare    F 3 Billy Goats Gruff    F 3 Little Pigs: 1 2 Post-Modern Version 1 2    Winnie The Pooh    

Groups of Animals

colony of ants, bees.    A flock of birds.    A herd of horses, buffalo, cows.    A pack of wolves (& most other meat-eaters).    A pride of lions.    A school of fish.    A swarm of insects.  

Songs and Rhymes

F Black Sheep     F Boa    F Hej Diddle      F Hickory Dickory Dock    
F Itsy Bitsy Spider (Archivo:Flag of the United States.svg  Incy Wincy Spider)     F  Jumping Monkeys    
F Little Bo Peep      F Mary Had a Lamb     
Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly  2'      F Old MacDonald    
F Pop Goes the Weasel     F Purple Cow     F Pussy Cat     
F 3 Blind Mice     F 3 Little Kittens      F 5 Little Ducks   

Zoos djurparker


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Swedish birds, in English - quiz.